Amazing 90 years young tells her story and experience with Eden Pointe's latest 10-Day cleanse.

Hypertension, Pancreatitis, PTSD were among the challenges and improvements realized during the 10, 7, and 4 day stays of our January guests. Not to mention an 11 and 10 pound weight loss. Another Eden Pointe Lifestyle Center adventure in following God's plan for a Life Changing Experience.

Arthritis, Sleep disorder, lymphatic congestion were improved by following God's health plan: cleansing, live plant food, hydrotherapy, oxygen, infra-red, and studying the Master Healer.

Hear their own stories, view the data, and experience the remarkable changes in just 10 days at the Eden Pointe Lifestyle Center in the beautiful North Georgia mountains.

5 guests and 2 visitors participated in God's Life-Changing Experience of cleansing and detoxification at the Eden Pointe Lifestyle Center in the beautiful North Georgia mountains.
Eden Pointe Lifestyle Center saw more chronic disorders disappear in days including carpal tunnel syndrome numbness and tingling, draining boil, foot pain requiring a cane, reversing diabetes, healing emotional damage, weight loss, and skin rashes all by following God's Health Laws.

Diabetes, Hypertension, Sleep Apnea, Knee Pain are some of the conditions reversed and eliminated by following the divine laws of health and healing at Eden Pointe Lifestyle Center.

More stories of impressive results with God's Natural Health Laws and the 10-Day Cleansing and Live Food Repair program held monthly at Eden Pointe Lifestyle.

See what following the natural laws of health can do! Dress size dropped from 24 to 10, clearer thinking, sleeping better. Vegan live foods, juicing, and exercise changed another life.