Far Infrared Sauna


Deeper penetrating thermal radiation in our 3-person cedar-lined sauna equipped with a personal sound system and user adjusted chroma-therapy light settings. Far-Infrared light in the 690 nm wavelength spectrum can reach up to 3-4 inches into our soft tissues to improve microcirculation, skin tone, elasticity, muscle-joint ailments, and wound healing. More...

Live O2 EWOT


Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT), also called Multistep Oxygen Therapy, employs the LiveO2 bi-valve high-flow face mask and 700 liter oxygen reservoir to provide 95% pure oxygen while aerobically exercising. The immediate benefit after a three minute equilibration is simply amazing. More...



BEMER therapy consists of exposing the body to low level, pulsing magnetic fields of specific frequencies. The magnetic signals are delivered by way of a full body mat and several focused applicators. Although some PEMF systems are designed to be used only by trained health care practitioners, BEMER units can be used by professionals and lay people alike. More...

Ozonated Hot Tub


With scores of hot water jets massaging your body and oxygenating your skin, our outdoor Jacuzzi Spa is a relaxing way to end your day, sipping on one of our antioxidant-rich fruit and green smoothies. More...

Inversion Table


Inversion therapy is as simple as hanging from your heels. Spider monkeys and bats hang upside down. Now we can do the same and reap a host of benefits that range far beyond just the obvious orthopedic ones:


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