Our Story


After 25 years of pushing pills and achieving no change in the health or recovery of his patients, Gary, together with his wife, Carolyn, envisioned the idea of opening a lifestyle center. Gary obtained an additional doctorate degree in Naturopathy from the International Institute of Original Medicine and Carolyn holds her degree in nursing. Gary and Carolyn completed the Lifestyle Center Management Certification under the RISEN program at Bella Vita. By providential circumstances, Gary and Carolyn met Sharyn, who also helps people from a naturopathic perspective. She holds certifications in Colon-Hydrotherapy, Electro-Lymphatic Massage Therapy, Live Food Chef, and Nutrition Counseling. Gary, Carolyn, and Sharyn began a friendship centered on helping people with a detox and cleansing program that involves educating their guests with the ten natural laws of health in the peaceful atmosphere so important for a successful health and recovery program.