Steam Sauna with Transdermal Ozone

Eden Pointe's fiberglass steam sauna is specially designed for both steam and oxygen-ozone instillation for effective administration of ozone by the transdermal route. Transdermal ozone was first used by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg at the famous Battle Creek Sanitarium in 1881. This route for delivering ozone has a number of advantages over other methods such as rectal insufflation and intravenous or intra-articular routes.

  • It can be delivered to essentially the entire body simultaneously.

  • It effectively detoxifies the lymph lying just under the skin.

  • Steam has its own benefits in stimulating sweating to eliminate toxins

V. Bocci et al, Quasi-Total Body Exposure to Oxygen/Ozone in a Sauna Cabinet appearing in the journal General Physiology, 1999 stated that hyperthermic ozone induced a "statistically significant rapid increase of venous pO2 (partial pressure of oxygen)."

Hot steam causes the skin pores to open allowing a more efficient entry of the oxygen/ozone mixture coming from the oxygen concentrator fed ozone generator. We use a cold corona dual-chamber generator. Fat and lymph have the highest concentrations of toxins and these are tissues most stimulated by hot steam, making this system the most effective method for eliminating heavy metals, chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides.

Ozone is concentrated trivalent 03 oxygen instead of normal O2. Ozone is actually produced naturally in our bodies by white blood cells for use in destroying viruses, bacteria, protozoa, yeasts, molds and fungi. Ozone is virucidal, bacteriocidal, and fungicidal.

Treatments are typically started with short 10-15 minutes sessions until the body adjusts to the thermal stress of 95-105 degrees. Drinking water with a pinch of mineral salt (Himalayan or Celtic) beforehand, and extra water afterwards. Showering immediately after exiting with cool water will close the pores and prevent reabsoption of excreted toxins.