Live O2 Exercise with Oxygen Therapy

Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT), also called Multistep Oxygen Therapy, employs the LiveO2 bi-valve high-flow face mask and 700 liter oxygen reservoir to provide 95% pure oxygen while aerobically exercising. The immediate benefit after a three minute equilibration is simply amazing.

  • Immune system stimulation

  • Eliminate anerobically induced lactic acid buildup (muscle burn)

  • Enhance healing and reversal of most chronic disease processes

  • Increase capillary blood flow through vasodilation

  • Recover from jet lag

  • Increase blood plasma oxygen saturation

Many of the same benefits seen with hyperbaric oxygen over an hour can be realized with EWOT in 15 minutes. For those who can strenuously exercise EWOT is a step up. The LiveO2 system improves on standard EWOT by providing a large volume of concentrated oxygen for high-flow delivery during exercise. Conventional EWOT uses a nasal canula or loose-fitting mask and a flow-rate direct from the oxygen concentrator of 5-10 liters a minute. But with effective aerobic exercise, minute volumes of 30 liters and more result in mixing and diluting the oxygen with ambient room air, losing much of the potential benefit. The LiveO2 mask with its air-tight seal around the face, the large diameter tubing, and huge oxygen reservoir ensures delivery of high concentration oxygen without mixing throughout the entire session.

German research since the 1950s have shown that the progressive loss of lung function with age can be normalized with EWOT and prevent the progress of many aging processes: cataracts, glaucoma, presbyopia, angina pectoris, arrhythmias, lower extremity peripheral vascular changes, senile diabetes, hypertension. It can also benefit recovery from strokes, poisoning, burns, infection, and generalized stress.

Before beginning a 15 minute session two important supplements are taken: 30 mg of thiamin (vitamin B1) and 100 mg of magnesium orotate to improve uptake and utilization of oxygen.  During the last minute of each session exercise is pushed to a comfortable maximum, increasing cardiac output and oxygen delivery to the tissues.