Far Infared Sauna

Deeper penetrating thermal radiation in our 3-person cedar-lined sauna equipped with a personal sound system and user adjusted chroma-therapy light settings. Far-Infrared light in the 690 nm wavelength spectrum can reach up to 3-4 inches into our soft tissues to improve microcirculation, skin tone, elasticity, muscle-joint ailments, and wound healing. Far-infrared can achieve perspiration at only 120 degrees Fahrenheit instead of the 190 necessary with traditional steam-mediated convection saunas.

The human body reacts to the increased heating induced from the infrared rays as it penetrates the deeper tissues by perspiring to create natural cooling. Perspiration allows for the excretion of acid waste toxins, nicotine, cholesterol, heavy metals (especially zinc, lead, nickel, cadmium). Specific areas in which far-infrared radiation is beneficial include pain relief from rheumatoid arthritis, relaxing muscle spasms, cardiovascular conditioning, acne, reduction of cellulite, and enhancing skin tone.