What Is Your


Thanks to the work of those before us, we derive our health practices chiefly from ancient texts that reveal natural, simple, and effective means for treating disease. These writings have shown themselves to be reliable and trustworthy in their prescriptions for health. 

Who Can Benefit?

Those affected by Arthritis, Overweight, Stress, Allergies, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Depression, Smoking, Cancer, Chronic Disease.

Do You Accept


The fact is, insurance generally does not accept us. We are not a licensed medical facility. We are not recognized by insurance companies as a qualifying medical services provider and we do not profess to offer standard orthodox allopathic medical care, treatments, diagnostic testing, nor do we make diagnoses, or give injections. We provide health education and guidance to interested and motivated guests who desire assistance and encouragement in making informed lifestyle decisions about their personal health. You may want to inquire with your insurance provider if they cover exercise and nutrition programs such as ours.